Basic / Transparent / CLEAR 19/8 Corner Wave

19/8 Corner Wave

For those who wish to complete their "all glass" walls. Angular glass blocks enhances and softens the overall shape and design of the glass block structure with its rounded angle.

Formats:Clear 1919/8 WaveClear 1909/8 WaveClear 1919/8 Linear End WaveClear 1919/8 Double End WaveClear 1919/8 Corner 90° WaveCLEAR 19/8 Allbend Wave
Technical data:
19x8 cm
1,60 Kg
N. Pieces/m:
N. Pieces/Box:
N. Pieces/Pallet:
Seves Glassblock does not take any responsibility for handling of product´s waste after delivery to final destination.
Non-usable glass blocks and/or waste originated from glass blocks should be handled or recycled according to regulation of appropriate local authority.
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Clear Glass: functionality and elegance in various format with wave or smooth glass design.
The Clear range -with smooth and wave glass design- is ideal for all the applications where the product is chosen prevalently for its characteristic function: the passage of light. To complete the range, special pieces are available: linear, curved and corner wall end blocks.
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